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The Self-Love Programme

The Self-Love Programme

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Learn to love yourself within 35 days or your money back. Discover your inner strengths, overcome self-doubt, and become your own biggest advocate through this science-backed programme.

Developed in collaboration with expert therapists and mental health professionals, The Self-Love Programme offers 11 weeks of guided reflective prompts, practical exercises, and insightful education to empower you on your journey of self-discovery.

Programme Details

This programme includes:

  • x1 Self-Love Workbook
  • x1 Self-Love Journal
  • 1-Week Self-Love Email Masterclass
  • 3 Days of Therapist-led Guidance and Support via WhatsApp/email

Workbook Details:

  • 80 thick pages of education, exercises, and reflective prompts to take your understanding of the topic even further.
  • 150gsm paper (so you can write as much as you want without seeing it on the other side).
  • A4 size for easy reading and annotating.
  • Premium paperback book bound.
  • Lies flat - no bulky spirals here.

Journal Details:

  • 100 thick pages, bursting with journaling goodness, including prompts, mood check-in's, trackers, and exercises.
  • 150gsm paper.
  • Convenient A5 size to carry with you.
  • Premium paperback book bound.
  • Lies flat.

Shipping & Delivery

Enjoy FREE Tracked postage on your programme materials!

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Say hello 👋 to the Wholesome Method

This exclusive programme is your one-stop guide to mastering your mental health and feeling better than ever.

The first aspect of the programme is the Self-Love Workbook. Designed to be more educational than a simple guided journal, it will guide you through the essentials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), positive psychology, and how to use these concepts to make your mental health better than ever.

This combines with the Self-Love Journal. Using our renowned Wholesome Method, the journal is crafted to give you the space to shine. Through therapist-written prompts, exercises, and a daily mood tracking section, you will put what you are learning into action,  become more in touch with and in control of your feelings, and track your progress towards being the best you can be.

Next, the Self-Love Masterclass is a 7-part email course, written by our psychologist Ellie. After purchasing, you will receive a daily email running you through exactly what self-love is, how to cultivate it in daily life, and answering your common questions about it.

Finally, along with fast free postage, you have unlimited access to our professional support team to assist you with any parts you get stuck with.

For example, if a particular exercise doesn’t quite click, just send us a line and we’ll get back to you with personalised pointers!

  • IMG_6897.jpeg

    📖 Self-Love Workbook

    (value £55)

    Filled with 70 days of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy education and techniques, the Self-Love Workbook is your comprehensive guide to learning how to accept yourself and challenge negative self-talk once and for all.

  • ✍️ Self-Love Journal

    (value £30)

    Plan and track your life in detail with a dedicated space. Enjoy 35 days of mood trackers, reflective prompts, weekly and monthly calendar spreads, to track your life events, and use as a reflective tool at the end of the day.

  • 💌 1-Week Email Course

    (value £60)

    Receive a daily email during your first week from our psychologist Ellie. Ellie will explain exactly what self-love is, and provide you with practical exercises to cultivate it in your daily life.

  • 👯‍♀️ 3 Days of Therapist Guidance

    (value £80)

    Gain access to therapist-led guidance and support right to your inbox, during your first 3 days using the Wholesome Method.

  • 🔖 Free Pen & Bookmark

    (value £8)

    Your Wholesome books come with free goodies including a pen and affirmation bookmark, filled with positive love letters from us. The complete journalling experience in one convenient parcel!

  • ⚡️ Access to our exclusive Facebook group

    (value £30)

    You'll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook self-care club, where you can share experiences, tips, and questions with others on the exact same journey as you.

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The Wholesome Difference

Here at Wholesome, we're championing a new style of journaling.

Other guided journals can feel like just another admin task you need to add to the schedule.

Wholesome journals change that, with fresh elements and exercises that make you excited to write everyday.

What to Expect

1. Select Your Path to Self-Love 🛍️

(And begin the transformation)

Embrace your journey with our tailored Self-Love Programme. Choose the tools that resonate with you, from our educational workbook to a daily journal. Or, opt for the complete package at a value-packed price.

2. Our Team Gets to Packing It Right Away 🚚

(With some freebies!)

We ship new orders daily via Royal Mail Tracked 24 service. So, if you're ordering before 4pm, chances are your order will leave us today! Plus, every parcel comes with 2 freebies and a whole lot of education.

3. You Receive and Dive In! 📖

(Time to grow!)

Whether you're new to self-care or deepening your practice, all of our materials are crafted for ease and effectiveness. Encountering any snags? Our team offers support just an email away, including 3-day therapist-led guidance to nurture your progress.

4. Grow More Every Day 🌱

(That's the magic)

The Self-Love Programme is more than just a product; it's a companion on your journey towards better mental health and self-acceptance. With access to our exclusive self-care Facebook group, you'll find community support and daily inspiration to flourish in your self-love practice.

How it Compares

With the Wholesome Method, you gain access to a journaling method that's both trusted by 1000s and approved by therapists.

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