We believe everyone has the power to improve their mood and outlook.

Our mission is to provide the tools that can be used to achieve your mental health goals.

We've created our products with the guidance of therapists, psychologist, and mental health professionals, to develop a range of workbooks and journals that are effective, educational, and easy to use.

Together, we'll help you discover who you are, and how to take better care of your mental health - one page at a time.

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What is the Wholesome Method?

Here at Wholesome, we're passionate about creating accessible & effective mental health journals to help boost self-love, wellbeing and better peoples’ lives worldwide.

Our journals are backed by cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a proven method for improving mental health and well-being. Each journal is carefully crafted to help users practice self-care, understand their needs and feelings, and build their self-esteem.

We believe that everyone deserves to prioritise their mental health and we hope that our journals can help you on your own journey.