From morning to night: 10 Journal ideas for all-day focus

If you're anything like me, you may find that some days feel like they slip away, without you having been truly focused or clear about what you're doing. 

It's always frustrating when you tell yourself you're going to have a productive day - yet the next time you look at the clock, it's 4pm and you're not sure where the time went!

If this sounds even remotely familiar, then these journal prompts are for you!

Journalling regularly (morning and night) can help emphasise its benefits and strengthen its impact, as you are continually building the skill and constantly reconnecting with yourself and your emotions.

These prompts are a great way to start the guided journalling habit, and to dive deeper into your self-reflection. 

So, with that in mind, here are some reflective journal prompts that can be used to touch in with yourself every morning and night!


Daily Journalling Prompts for Clarity & Reconnection


  1. How rested do I feel this morning?
  2. What’s one word that captures my current mood?
  3. What are three things I want to accomplish today?
  4. List three things I can do to support me with my goal
  5. What are three things I’m grateful for right now?
  6. Today’s affirmations:



  1. How do I feel looking back on my day?
  2. Were there any moments I felt out of touch with my body/emotions today?
  3. List 3 great things that happened today
  4. List 3 things I’m grateful for today


How Journalling Helps With Clarity and Self-Understanding

The benefits of journalling spans from increased self-awareness and emotional regulation - right down to improved cardiovascular health and brain functioning. With those types of pros, everyone can truly benefit from the practise!

Here at Wholesome, our aim is to make the benefits of journalling accessible through easy-to-use guided journals that guide you through the practise.

Designed by myself (Founder & Clinical psychologist) and my team of mental health professionals, our journals have been designed to be effective tools that you can integrate into your everyday.

Even if you decide not to opt for our guided journals, you can find endless journalling prompts that you can use right now!


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