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Trauma & Inner Child Healing Digital Workbook

Trauma & Inner Child Healing Digital Workbook

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Have you ever felt an overwhelming emotion that felt raw, but you struggle to identify where it stems from? wondered why you sometimes feel overwhelmed by emotions that feel seem rooted in your past? 

You’re not alone. Many of us carry the echoes of our childhood – a blend of cherished dreams and unaddressed traumas – into adulthood. 

This can manifest in ways you might not expect: anxiety, a sense of being constantly on edge, or even a harsh inner critic. 

It's your inner child calling for attention, for healing.

Our Trauma & Inner Child Healing Journal is designed to guide you on this journey of rediscovery and healing. 

Product Details

Start the process of 'reparenting' and begin to meet and fulfil the needs of your inner child that were unmet in the past 🤍

Product Details:

  • Digitally-delivered PDF
  • 86 pages of content
  • Dateless
  • Can be printed for personal use or used in an app such as Goodnotes

What's Inside

✓ 87 pages that guide you through inner child healing and trauma reflection, exercises, and expression.

✓ Dedicated guides including Heal Your Inner Child in 7 Steps, and Grief Recovery Roadblocks.

✓ CBT exercises and techniques including Heart Breathing and the Balloon Exercise to connect your mind and body to your experiences.

✓ 15+ therapist-written journaling prompts that help you understand yourself and experiences.

✓ Daily habit and activity planners and trackers to map out your goals, priorities, and note any resources you’ve found.

✓ Therapy notes to plan your sessions, and trackers for upcoming appointments.

✓ CBT exercises including cognitive Restructuring and Thought Awareness to eliminate any blockages to reaching your desires.

✓ Aesthetic and calming design for motivation

✓ Reusable journal that can be used, filled and printed again & agai

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Heal your inner child step-by-step

Your "inner child" isn't just a metaphor; it's a vital part of who you are, encompassing the emotions, memories, and beliefs from your past, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future.

But sometimes, the scars of past shame and unmet needs can overshadow your self-confidence and control, leaving you feeling like your inner seven-year-old is still running the show.

By engaging with this journal, you’ll start a process of 'reparenting' – meeting and fulfilling the needs of your inner child that were unmet in the past. 

This process is not just about healing; it’s about reclaiming the joy, playfulness, and unbounded curiosity that your inner child holds.

This is a digital PDF, delivered via email and can be printed at home for personal use, or used in your fave annotating app!

By using a digital journal, you're helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to a more sustainable way of journaling.

  • Healing Your Inner Child

    11 pages dedicated to understanding and connecting with your inner child to foster healing.

  • Trauma Recovery Exercises

    Track your thoughts & create strategies to navigate your trauma with self-compassion.

  • CBT & Thought Reframing

    Challenge yourself to view your experiences in a new light through 10 pages of CBT exercises.

  • 15+ Journaling Prompts

    Consider your self-talk and perceptions through unique, therapist-written journal prompts and actives.

  • Plan a Healthy Routine

    Track your goals, habits, and progress through dedicated worksheets designed to support your growth.

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