13 Journal Prompts for Difficult Situations & Feeling Stuck

Navigating transitions can be difficult - especially if you're unsure of any possible paths. It's natural to feel overwhelmed when we're faced with a new challenge that feels different from everything we're experienced before.

I remember feeling this exact feeling after I graduated high school and was deciding what to do next.

Both the transition from high school to "adult life," and the question of whether to go to university or start working is a hugely confusing time.

Each choice feels like it has a massive impact on your future - which is daunting when you don't even know what you want your future to look like!

When I was working through these stresses, journalling helped me think about my situation in a critical view, and come up with a plan that both aligned with who I am, but also what type of life I wanted.

Given the time of year, I wanted to share my list of journal prompts that I've collected over the years.

These are the prompts I always turn to when I need to work through something difficult, and I hope you find them as helpful as I do.


How to use these prompts

As with all types of journalling prompts and exercises, try to be as transparent as possible. This will help you really get to the root of the issue.

It may feel very exposing (I know it often does for me!) which is why I recommend completing these on a piece of paper or journal that you trust won't be read by anyone else. This should aid in honesty too, as you won't feel like anyone can judge you or your answers.


Journalling prompts for new beginnings & difficult situations

For starting something new

  1. What have I learnt from similar, past experiences?
  2. What’s the worst that could happen, and how would I cope with it?
  3. In what ways am I already prepared for this?
  4. What qualities and strengths will benefit me in this situation?
  5. How can my support people help me during this?
  6. What opportunities could come from this?


For when you're feeling stuck or indecisive

  1. In what ways am I in control?
  2. In what ways am I not in control?
  3. Do any options feel ‘right’? If not, is there any option that would?
  4. If I opted for [option A], would I be able to change or adjust this in the future?
  5. Do I have a back-up plan if this option doesn’t work out?
  6. What advice from future me would help me decide?
  7. How does this decision align with my future goals and plan?


Final thoughts

There's always going to be situations that will feel new and difficult. There's inevitably always going to be times when you're indecisive and truly have no clue what to do next.

But by using these prompts to check in with yourself - especially in moments when you don't know what "yourself" needs or wants - you can continue to build your resilience and self-assurance, which will improve your capabilities in the longer term.

The more we successfully navigate challenges and obstacles, the stronger we feel in ourselves and the more trust we have in what we can achieve.

I truly hope these prompts resonate with you, and you can use them to provide some clarity on your next step.

Until next time,

Ellie ♡



journal prompts for when you're stuck
journal prompts for when you're stuck
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