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The Self-Love Workbook (Digital Download)

The Self-Love Workbook (Digital Download)

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Escape negative self-talk and doubt with this comprehensive self-care journal. Learn to trust your instincts and love yourself with real-life exercises and practical education.

With 7 weeks of therapist-written exercises & prompts, this powerful journal will put you back in control of your mind.

✓ Learn to Love Yourself with 10 minutes a day

✓ 7 weeks of real-life strategies

✓ Identify and release negative thought patterns and form new healthy habits

✓ Therapist-backed and developed with science-backed techniques

✓ Made in the UK and shipped worldwide


This is the digital download version of the Self-Love Journal, after purchasing you will receive a download link via email.

Product Details

5 weeks of daily evidence-based journalling prompts, focusing on combatting negative self-talk, building self-esteem and trust in your abilities, and forming transformative, healthy habits.

Product Details:

  • Digitally-delivered PDF
  • 100 pages of content
  • Dateless
  • Can be printed for personal use or used in an app such as Goodnotes

What's Inside

Included Content:

  • Letter from our founder
  • Daily & weekly calendar spreads
  • Monthly Habit Tracker
  • Daily Mood Tracker
  • Therapist-backed guided journaling prompts
  • Evidence-based exercises
  • And more!
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Why go digital?

Our digital journals are the perfect choice for those who are always on the go.

These are digital PDFs, delivered via email and can be printed at home for personal use, or used in your fave annotating app!