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The Self-Love Journal

The Self-Love Journal

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Unlock the power of self-acceptance with our best-selling journal. Through thoughtful prompts and affirmations, it's your personal space to foster gratitude, celebrate triumphs, and pen a daily love letter to the most deserving warrior — yourself.

Product Details

  • 100 thick pages, bursting with journaling goodness!
  • 150gsm paper (so you can write as much as you want without seeing it on the other side).
  • Convenient A5 size to carry with you.
  • Premium paperback book bound.
  • Lies flat - no bulky spirals here.

What's Inside

  • Letter from our founder
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar spreads
  • Habit Tracker
  • 35 Daily Mood Tracker
  • 35 Daily CBT-backed guided journaling prompts
  • Evidence-based exercises
  • And more!
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Meet your new mental health ally

Filled with 35 days of unique journaling prompts and mood check-in's, this journal is your dedicated space to practise self-acceptance and compassion.

This beautifully crafted guide will provide both a well-deserved boost your mental well-being, and get you on the path of embracing the unique individual you are.

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    Monthly & Weekly Overviews

    Plan your life in detail with a dedicated space. Track the important deadlines, events, and appointments for the week ahead, or use as a reflective tool at the end of the day.

  • Habit Tracker

    We all have some habits we want to form, but it can be hard to remember to practise them. Our Habit Tracker makes forming new habits super easy, with its aesthetic visual layout. 

  • Daily Mood Check-In

    Your space to check in daily with your moods, and record what has impacted it. Choose from over 40 existing emotions, or add your own, to make the experience completely unique.

  • Daily Reflective Prompts

    No repetitive gratitude questions here! Every day you'll have a brand new, unique prompt, written by our team of therapists to achieve a deep sense of self-understanding and peace.

  • CBT Exercises

    In addition to daily prompts, you'll find multiple CBT exercises and challenges to take your practise to the next level. Discover your stengths, motivations, and begin to rewrite negative inner narratives and scripts.

  • + FREE Affirmation Bookmark

    Your Wholesome journal comes with free goodies including an affirmation bookmark, filled with positive love letters from us. The perfect reminder for those days you just can't.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
Elizabeth R.
Good customer service and product

Amazing customer experience from the start, I had my old address as the shipping address so emailed and the issue was rectified very quickly and it was sent to the correct address. Very quick delivery too, received after only 2 days. I am impressed with whats inside and already used it daily for 2 weeks. Feeling very positive and looking forward to trying out the others

cathy s.
Actually I bought both books...

Actually I bought both books for my nieces

Elaine H.
Yes its very good it...

Yes its very good it takes some effort to get started but thats probably more to do with me being a bit scared. Overall pleased !

Erika W.
I used to think this...

I used to think this type of thing wasn't meant for me, and you'd been to have some experience with therapy, mindfulness, etc. but I now realise that you don't have to be broken to improve. I think everyone could do with a bit of reflection and consideration for themselves, and this journal is the perfect thing for that.

Deborah G.
I am very happy with...

I am very happy with this. I have used this type of journal before and this one is very easy to use and I like that it has more therapy content in it. Its easy to use and is a good size for travel, etc, 10/10