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The Self-Love Workbook

The Self-Love Workbook

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Escape negative self-talk and doubt with this comprehensive self-care workbook. Learn to trust your instincts and love yourself with real-life exercises and practical education.

With 7 weeks of therapist-written exercises & prompts, this powerful course will put you back in control of your mind.

✓ Learn to Love Yourself with 10 minutes a day

✓ 7 weeks of real-life strategies

✓ Identify and release negative thought patterns and form new healthy habits

✓ Therapist-backed and developed with science-backed techniques 

✓ Made in the UK and shipped worldwide

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  • "Nobody understands me."

  • "Trying everything but nothing works."

  • "Not worthy or good enough."

  • "Others matted more than me."

  • "Anxious all the time."

  • "Unable to be happy."

You are not alone. And you deserve to feel amazing.

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

    Stop wishing you could change and take the practical steps towards embracing your unique voice.

  • A more positive outlook

    Learn to see more of the good in your life, instead of always expecting and seeing the negative.

  • Increased self-acceptance

    Start living a life filled with love and confidence, and step into being wholly and completely you.

Meet Wholesome workbooks

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

Wholesome workbooks contain over 70 days of therapist-approved education, exercises, and reflective prompts to target a variety of mental health challenges.

Choose from Anxiety, Confidence, or Self-Love to gain access to a personalised course towards emotional empowerment.

Each page is designs to guide you, inspire you, and challenge you to break through barriers with actionable insights and daily doses of self-discovery.

  • Therapist-approved Education

    With over 1 month of educational content, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of everything there is to know about mental health. You'll be introduced to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and positive psychology tips and techniques.

  • Reflective Prompts

    Following every educational piece, you'll be asked a reflective prompt to help you deepen your understanding of the content and practise what you've learnt.

  • Practical Exercises

    This book isn't just for writing - it is a workbook, after all! Throughout the workbook, you'll be challenged to leave your comfort zone and practise the techniques you've learnt. Through a series of practical exercises, you'll actively be working towards a healthier, happier you.

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It's good


So far doing okay gotta wait a lil longer of usage to give it a proper review but it Deffo hand me thinking deeply about it


Not at all what I expected. Not good value for the money