The self-love journaling program with thousands of success stories

Wholesome's uniquely crafted journaling program isn't just about writing down thoughts. It’s a life-changing guided path to self-love and better mental health. Your pen is mightier than you think. Let it lead you to your best self.

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The Real Life Benefits

From increased self-esteem to discovering true, unwavering confidence, these are just a few of the benefits you can expect to experience.

  • Stop Self-Sabotage

    Self-sabotage is when you do (or don't do) things that block your success. By learning to love yourself more, you can stop subconsciously subjecting yourself to this limiting, distressing behaviour.

  • Discover True Self-Love

    Embracing self-love means that even when no one else does, you will always be by your own side, be able to stand up for yourself, and have your own back. The one person you have forever is yourself, so you should work on a good relationship with them.

  • Finally Reach Your Life Goals

    Ever feel like goals and plans are as easily made as they are broken? By learning to take yourself seriously and only make promises to yourself that you will keep, plans will be more than just words.

Create Positive Habits That Stick

What you'll get:

• The Self-Love Workbook (value £55)

• The Self-Love Journal (value £30)

• 1-Week Self-Love Email Course (value £60)

• 3 Days of Therapist-Led Guidance with Ellie (value £80)

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Before trying Wholesome, customers reported thinking...

  • "I'm not worthy of love."

  • "Nothing goes my way."

  • "I'm just unlucky."

  • "I'll never be good enough."

  • "I'm unable to be happy."

  • "Nobody understands me."

Why It Works

Our therapist-approved method guarantees results.

  • You're In Control

    There’s no harsh schedule or rigorous program here. We have designed the method to go at your own pace, around life’s busy schedule.

  • You Learn From Yourself

    We’re not here to get you dependent on some so-called Guru. The method is centred around the most important person - you - and helps you learn from and about yourself.

  • Backed By Medical Professionals

    Unlike self-help books and gurus that get you hooked on them, our unique journaling program is recommended by professionals, from MH nurses to clinical psychologists.

  • Tried & Tested by 1000s

    The Wholesome Method has been tried and tested by 1000s of people, who overwhelmingly say their life has been positively impacted. That’s hard to ignore.

Cassie's Story

Read how this programme changed Cassie's life, and led her to a new job and new relationship.

"I was mindlessly scrolling on Instagram in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep, or probably just didn’t want to wake up and it’s another day of responsibility and worry. 

In the middle of the posts from friends, out living life to the full, I saw an ad for Wholesome and decided it was at least worth a try. Honestly I thought I’d use the money back guarantee because I love to buy self-help books and never actually read them.

It all arrived 2 days later and I immediately felt good about my decision. It felt like I had actually done something for myself that could make a difference

Up until that point I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I didn’t really like myself, I didn’t do much, every day felt the same. 

I knew something had to change, so I challenged myself to do this every single day. At first I had a couple of questions, since I had never done anything like this before, so I Whatsapped support and they set me in the right direction.

A few days in and I already felt a difference in my mood. Looking back, I can best describe the days and weeks following as the “positive” side of me, that sees the good in myself and situations and is overall a positive person, started to win over the “negative” side of me, that assumes the worst without even trying and self-sabotages constantly. 

Some days were harder than others, I had to put the work in, and I still do by continuing to journal as I learnt to, but looking back on just a couple of months ago is unimaginably different.

I’m dating someone new now who I probably wouldn’t have even gone for before because I would’ve assumed they wouldn’t have liked me. The same with jobs, I’m getting interviews for jobs that are way better than I had ever applied for, just because I have that confidence and fire inside me.

I can’t thank Wholesome enough for creating this and will continue to tell my story to anyone that listens because of how important it has been."

Myths About Self-Love

The term "self-love" has a bad rep on social media. Here are just some of the myths you may have heard.

  • Myth #1 - Self-love is just being arrogant/cocky

    FALSE! Everyone has some kind of relationship with themselves. Self-love is just the difference between not having your own back, and knowing your worth, and not accepting anything less. In fact, often cocky people lack self-love.

  • Myth #2 - Self-love is only for new-age influencer types

    NOPE! Self-love has existed for thousands of years, even the ancient Greeks talked about it in some form. This is just another self-limiting belief, making yourself believe this isn’t for you.

  • Myth #3 - You need to be perfect to love yourself

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  • Myth #4 - When I achieve X, I'll love myself

    Such beliefs are simply kicking the can down the road, refusing to take actual action towards a very beneficial trait. In fact, it is a sign of low self-esteem, believing that only your achievements can give you self-worth.

How It Compares

With the Wholesome Method, you gain access to a journaling method that's both trusted by 1000s and approved by therapists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this programme while I'm on medication?

Yes, absolutely. This is a completely natural programme which means there is absolutely no risk of adverse effects with any medication. In fact, we know of some professionals who recommend this alongside medication.

Can I do this programme while in therapy, or while I'm on a wait-list for NHS talking therapy?

Definitely. A lot of therapists would actually recommend that this is used alongside or before therapy. We are even looking into a partnership with the NHS using our products specifically for those on therapy waiting lists.

Will this help me with my anxiety and depression?

While everyone’s experience is different, we have had a lot of positive feedback about this use case. We have not heard of anyone ever feeling negative effects from the programme, so it is always worth a try, especially considering our risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

How do I know it will work for me?

We have a significant amount of positive results as a result of our programme. While everyone is different, you can always try with the safety of our risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

How is this different from cheaper, copycat programmes?

We have created the best programme of its kind, specifically made for this purpose. It is created for effectiveness by professionals, not by marketers to sell well, or accountants to be cheap. It is priced fairly for the life-changing results it provides.

What age range is this programme suitable for?

The programme is suitable for any age range. Some content may be a little bit complex for younger minds and require extra support, but there is no explicit or adult content.

Create Positive Habits That Stick

What you'll get:

• The Self-Love Workbook (value £55)

• The Self-Love Journal (value £30)

• 1-Week Self-Love Email Course (value £60)

• 3 Days of Therapist-Led Guidance with Ellie (value £80)

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