How to find a hobby you love with Values-Based Thinking

Are you looking for a way to infuse a fresh burst of energy into your life? A new hobby could be the answer you're seeking!

Hobbies offer an escape form our daily routine — a way to break free from the monotony and discover new facets of yourself. 

But how do you choose a hobby that genuinely resonates with you?

In this blog post, we'll explore the journey of finding a new hobby by considering one crucial personality trait: your core values.


What are core values?

Our values are the guiding principles that shape our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. They are the underlying motivations behind the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Therefore, knowing what your values are can be instrumental in helping us determine both what we want in our lives; and also how we want to achieve that.

Generally, we have 3-6 values that are truly at our core, and many more that act as periphery values. These periphery values are still important, as they feed into our core values and support them further, however they can be persuaded more easily. 

For example, your core values may be; security, stability, and family, and your periphery values include knowledge, environment, and nature.

If your child was given an opportunity to attend a really good school - but it was in a city - you may find that the values of "family" and "security" overtake your environmental values. This does not mean they are less important, but sometimes we have to face decisions that can't result in a completely perfect outcome, and so our core values take priority. 

So, with this in mind, take a moment to consider your core values. What values immediately came up for you?

Using the exercise below, make note of any and all values that come up for you, and organise them into which ones are core and periphery values. To help with the distinction, remember that your core values are the ones that are completely non-negotiable. 

They're the ones that you can't ignore or work against without feeling some level of disconnect, discomfort, or stress.


Identify your values exercise

How can knowing our core values help us find new hobbies and passions?

Knowing what you value can help you understand more clearly what your main motivations and aspirations in life are. 

As a result, this knowledge can then be used to create new habits and foster new avenues for us to express and experience our values on a daily basis.

Our core values typically show themselves throughout our lives without us even noticing. For example, your strengths and activities that you naturally gravitate towards will typically be indicators of your authentic self. Therefore, identifying these, along with areas of our lives that we have particularly excelled in previously, can be another helpful avenue to identifying hobbies that align with our purpose and meaning.

To try this out, the exercise below provides a space to brainstorm your strengths and past achievements, in hopes that these can shed some more light on what hobbies you'll enjoy.

How to find new hobbies exercise

Turning your values into action

As you embark on this fulfilling quest to discover a new hobby, remember that alignment with your core values is key to long-lasting satisfaction and growth.
Core values are so important to understanding yourself and fostering happiness that our Self-Love Journal dedicates a whole week to this topic! 
Think of it like this: you're not just picking a hobby, you're picking a new "you" activity - something that'll resonate with the deepest parts of yourself.
So, as you go through these exercises, know that you're laying down the groundwork for a hobby that's not just a pastime, but a true reflection of who you are.
Happy exploring, and here's to a life that resonates with your true self!

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